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Ibu Ayurveda organic dosha oils are multi-dimensional and therapeutic-grade herbal body oils with topical adaptogens.

Each oil is formulated to support one of the three constitutions or doshas as they are known in the Ayurvedic system of medicine. Dosha specific oils use transdermal absorption of herbal medicine and energy medicine to support internal and external health. and delight the senses with unique aromatherapy blends and hand-crafted biogenic gem essences.

Unique for each body type: 

The three doshas VATA,  PITTA, and, KAPHA are forces within our body made up of a combination of energies called the Five Elements. We each have varying amounts of the doshas that ultimately make up our individual constitution.
Each of us has a predominate dosha, or elemental makeup, in general, The characteristics associated with each dosha and its primary elements helps you recognise which dosha you are predominately.
We recommend choosing an oil that will bring your constitution back into balance, doshas easily go out of balance and lifestyle and self-care practices are essential for optimal wellbeing.

Which dosha are you? 

V A T A 

Smaller frame & build, generally darker skin then other family members, small eyes, dry skin, irregular features and kinky hair. The combination of Space & Air in Vata types mean that it’s harder to be grounded, consistent and they may suffer from excess wind in the body and mind.


Strong frames and bigger bones, thick well padded skin, beautiful large eyes and lustrous hair, may experience congestion under the surface of skin. The combination of Earth & Water in Kapha types makes them more stable, compassionate and loyal; when out of balance they may be stubborn and suffer from congestion, mucus conditions and sluggish metabolism.

P I T T A 

Medium build and powerful musculature, lighter eyes and hair, often freckled skin with a tendency to burn easily when exposed to the sun. The Fire and Water elements makes Pitta types strong intense and when out of balance irritable. They also have strong digestion and are natural leaders that need to manage any excess ‘fiery’ tendencies to avoid inflammation. 



Tri-dosha refers to the relatively equal amounts of each dosha and as such those with a tri-doshic constitution experience more relative balance and harmony.People with a tridoshic constitution will have less irregularities within the skin and body and need more of an overall tonic to prevent the signs of aging and boost their innate wellbeing. This oil is also ideal for if you want to treat all the doshas and are not sure of your dosha.


Curious to learn more?

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