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IBU AYURVEDA Flower & Gem Essences are vibrational medicines, similar to homeopathy. This means they work on a subtle plane and may assist with shifting emotions by using the imprint of the specific flower and crystal. Each flower or crystal has healing properties that may clear emotions or blockages that are interfering with balance in the body and mind.

We recommend choosing an essence based on your current wellness goal or health concern and layering with the matching organic herbal tea where possible. See our 100% Organic Herbal Teas for more information.

Flower & Gem Essences are internal remedies that may be taken from the dropper directly under the tongue or dropped into water and sipped throughout the day. Our essences are very pleasant to taste and contain less than 0.1% alcohol. Flower & Gem Essences are safe for use during pregnancy. These are food-grade remedies, not medicine. 

If you have any questions regarding herbs and interactions with your current regime please get in touch via messenger or on our contact us page.