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Recover | Rejuvenate | Restore

As mothers and natural medicine practitioners, who have explored the various traditions of postnatal care we are clear that postnatal care in the West is lacking in the sacredness and tender-loving support that is so critical for optimal recovery.

We are not talking about just surviving or recovering from pregnancy and childbirth. We are talking about thriving and undergoing such a nourishing optimal recovery that you come out positively glowing and transformed.

In Ayurveda there is a saying; “42 days of postpartum rest and recovery for 42 years” — this means that by having an enhanced support system and self care routine during your postpartum period you can positively enhance the next 42 years of life!

Ibu Ayurveda Motherhood support products are naturopathically formulated and ayurvedically balanced to assist you to RECOVER, REJUVENATE and RESTORE after growing nurturing your children. Perfect for use after childbirth, during the first 40 days and well into motherhood for those days when we need assistance reconnecting to our roles.