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Meet the M O T H E R H O O D range.

Did you plan for your postpartum? Have you heard of postpartum depletion? Are you looking for optimal mental, physical, and emotional recovery after childbirth?

Our products are naturopathically formulated and ayurvedically balanced to assist you to RECOVER, REJUVENATE and RESTORE after growing nurturing your children. Perfect for use after childbirth, during the first 40 days and well into motherhood for those days when we need assistance reconnecting to our roles.

In this range we have a certified organic MOTHERHOOD herbal tea blend, MOTHERHOOD essence, REPAIR & TONE Healing Herbal Spritz, and plain and coloured BENG KUNGS. We also recommend using the AYURVEDIC BODY OILS with the beng kung belly wraps for enhanced postpartum recovery and the REPAIR flower and gem essence for any birth trauma.

MOTHERHOOD tea is a Naturopathically formulated blend formulated to enhance the postpartum period, promote recovery and support lactation.

MOTHERHOOD essence contains powerful native Australian flowers and crystals to assist positive expression of the nurturing qualities of motherhood and unconditional love for depleted mothers. With its three main positive benefits promoting restoration, reconnection, and replenishment.

REPAIR & TONE Healing Herbal Spritz has been naturopathically formulated specifically for pregnancy and postpartum recovery and perineal relief. The formula is enhanced with biogenic flower essence to help with healing and closure. Also divine for sunburn and wound healing.

What are BENG KUNGS? Beng kung belly binding is used during the postpartum period to offer support and nurturing for the abdomen, hips and back to assist with the recovery process after child birth.

A few benefits of using a beng kung include, pulling back abdominal muscles closer to the body, and envoking a self care ritual. It is recommended to wear for 40 days after giving birth during the sacred post partum period.