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Designed to enhance your natural fertility perimeters, promote menstrual health, and support emotional well-being.

Conception herbal tea blend is 100% Organic and Naturopathically formulated with herbs which may enhance chances of conception and boost natural fertility parameters. The actions of the herbs included in conception tea are also specific to balancing hormones and may be beneficial for a wide range of premenstrual problems, including PCOS. 

🌱Spearmint has been found to reduce symptoms of PCOS.

🌱Shatavari may help with PCOS by managing insulin levels working as a messenger to tell the body which hormones to produce and thus promote balance.

🌱Red clover may aid with balancing estrogen in the blood stream beneficial for PCOS as sometimes levels can be impaired.

🌱Chaste tree can help by suppressing prolactin levels and increase ovulatory cycles, for the benefits of Chaste tree it is recommended to consume for atleast three months.

🌱Licourice and Oat straw have been added to provide stress resistance support, another important component when looking at managing PCOS and enhancing chances of conception..

Ideally used with CONCEPTION essence for enhanced emotional mental balance and the removal of subconscious blockages or patterns.

Conception Flower and Gem essence is a form of vibrational medicine that works with the imprint of the flower and crystal to draw out any emotions that may be interfering with balance in the body and mind. Conception essence contains powerful native Australian flowers and crystals with specific affiliations for fertility and inspired feminine creation. Conception essence has also been formulated to support the removal of energetic blockages, enhance creativity, and assist with life direction and sensual wholeness.