KAPHA Rejuvenating Herbal Body Oil


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KAPHA Rejuvenating Herbal Body Oil - Ibu Ayurveda
KAPHA Rejuvenating Herbal Body Oil - Ibu Ayurveda
KAPHA Rejuvenating Herbal Body Oil - Ibu Ayurveda

Amla | Cardamom | Amethyst   

100mL/3.38 fl.oz.

Ancient blend of Certified Organic adaptogenic and antioxidant  herbs including Amla, Liquorice, Greater Galangal, Heart-leaved Moonseed, and Indian Leadwort infused in a powerful combination of skin-loving fatty acids from Certified Organic Black Sesame, Avocado, Rosehip and Jojoba that hydrate, repair and brighten. 

Sensory elevation and doshic balance with 100% pure and organic essential oils of Grapefruit, Cardamom, Clary-sage, Ginger and Fennel that stimulate and support circulation.

Hand-crafted Amethyst Gem Essence, chosen for it's balancing and uplifting effect on the Kapha dosha, is included for multidimensional energetic support.


Formulated to reduce symptoms in the body associated with kapha imbalance including dullness, congestion and sluggish circulation. Potent adaptogens, including Vitamin C rich Amla and Liquorice increase the body (and skins) capacity to deal with daily stressors, and reduce stress related inflammation and oxidation.

Specifically formulated to stimulate Kapha and restore balance. Perfect for daily balance and radiant skin as a part of the abyhanga or daily self massage process. Especially beneficial during times of stress and for use with postpartum belly-wrapping.  


Warm oil in the hands and apply generously all over the body, focusing on the joints. For use with the postpartum belly wrap, apply delicate pressure to abdomen and lower back before wrapping.


Certified Organic Black sesame  [Sesamum indicum] oil infused with Greater Galangal [Alpinia galangal]*, Dill [Anethum graveolens]*, Amla [Embelica Officinalis]*, Liquorice [Glycerrhiza glabra]*, Indian Leadwort [Plumbago indica]*, Heart-leaved Moonseed [Tinospora cordifolia]*, Calamus [Acorus calamus]*, and Cardamom [Elettaria cardamomum]*; Avocado oil [Persea americana]*, Jojoba oil [Simmondsia chinesis]*, Rose Hip [Rosa canina]*, Essential oils: Grapefruit [Citrus paradisi]*,  Cardamom [Elettaria cardamomum], Clary Sage [Salvia sclarea]*, Ginger [Zingiber officinale]*, Fennel [Foeniculum vulgare], and hand-crafted biogenic gem essence of Amethyst.  

(*Denotes Certified Organic). 

What is K A P H A?


  • Oily – Unctuous & oily.
  • Cold – Reduced heat and activity of metabolic processes.
  • Heavy – A side effect of the stability of the Earth element.
  • Stable – Grounded due to the Earth.
  • Viscous – Stickiness of excess Earth.
  • Dense – Solid mentally and physically.
  • Smooth – More even due to a lack of air and dryness.

How does this present physically?

When K A P H A energy is high there may be excess weight, swelling, fluid retention, cellulite, puffiness, dull skin, blackhead and sluggish digestion.

K A P H A accumulates in the:

  • Brain
  • Joints
  • Mouth
  • Lymph
  • Stomach
  • Pleural Cavity
  • Pericardial Cavity

    KAPHA Rejuvenating Herbal Body Oil - Ibu Ayurveda
    KAPHA Rejuvenating Herbal Body Oil - Ibu Ayurveda
    KAPHA Rejuvenating Herbal Body Oil - Ibu Ayurveda


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