CONCEPTION Flower & Gem Essence


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CONCEPTION Flower & Gem Essence - Ibu Ayurveda
CONCEPTION Flower & Gem Essence
CONCEPTION Flower & Gem Essence
CONCEPTION Flower & Gem Essence - Ibu Ayurveda

IBU AYURVEDA Flower & Gem Essences are vibrational medicines. This means they may assist with shifting emotions by using the imprint of the specific flower and crystal to clear emotions or blockages that may be interfering with balance in the body, mind and soul.

Flower & Gem Essences are internal remedies that may be taken from the dropper directly under the mouth or dropped into water and sipped throughout the day. Our essences are very pleasant to taste and contain less than 0.1% alcohol. Flower & Gem Essences are safe for use during pregnancy. These are food-grade remedies, not medicine. 

Macrozamia | Jade | Madonna Lily

30mL/1 fl.oz.

Replenish. Responsive. Sensual. Clear.

Naturopathically formulated flower and crystal essences that have specific affiliations for fertility, inspired feminine creation and sensual wholeness.

Encourages receptivity and clears blockages that may be subconscious to assist in the conscious conception process. 

Conception essence is not limited to fertility support, may also be used to promote the removal of blockages, enhance creativity and assist with life direction and sensual wholeness.

Hand-crafted on a full moon, CONCEPTION Essence assists in the conscious conception process and evokes and heals the mothering energies.


Macrozamia: Promotes balance, equilibrium, release of blockages, sexual wholeness, and Love union.
Pink Everlasting: Supports responsiveness and replenishment after feeling empty, dry, unfulfilled, and burnt out.
Madonna Lily: Assists you to cultivate the essential qualities of the archetypal feminine and divine mothering energies.
Silver Princess Gum: Promotes persistence after feeling like giving up, or a sense of stagnancy, and frustration.
Hybrid Pink Fairy/Cowslip Orchid: Promotes inner strength, discrimination, resilience, and stability.
Red Beak Orchid: Promotes optimism, enthusiasm, resolve, desire and resposible action.


Rose quartz: Excellent calming crystal known for increasing fertility.
Moonstone: May promote bringing balance and healing to the female hormones and cycles.
Clear Quartz: Clearing the mind releasing any thoughts, feelings or beliefs that may be blocking conception.
Green Jade: Assists with childbirth and fertility.
Unakite: Promotes harmony and balance within the reproductive system. A great crystal for aiding a healthy pregnancy.



Cultivate a twice a day conception intention with 7 drops under the tongue morning and evening away from food.


Aqua [Grail Haven Purified Water], Organic glycerine [Natural Preservative System], Biogenic Flower Essences: Hybrid Pink Fairy/ Cowslip Orchid, Macrozamia, Madonna lily, Pink Everlasting, Red Beak Orchid, Silver Princess Gum, and hand-crafted Biogenic Gem Essences: Jade, Moonstone, Rose quartz, Unakite gem essences.

CONCEPTION Flower & Gem Essence - Ibu Ayurveda
CONCEPTION Flower & Gem Essence
CONCEPTION Flower & Gem Essence
CONCEPTION Flower & Gem Essence - Ibu Ayurveda

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