REPAIR Flower & Gem Essence


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IBU AYURVEDA Flower & Gem Essences are vibrational medicines. This means they may assist with shifting emotions by using the imprint of the specific flower and crystal to clear emotions or blockages that may be interfering with balance in the body, mind and soul.

Flower & Gem Essences are internal remedies that may be taken from the dropper directly under the mouth or dropped into water and sipped throughout the day. Our essences are very pleasant to taste and contain less than 0.1% alcohol. Flower & Gem Essences are safe for use during pregnancy. These are food-grade remedies, not medicine. 

Candle of Life | Mookite | Smokebush

30mL/1 fl.oz.

Naturopathically formulated remedy of biogenic essences of flowers and gems that promote recovery, renewal and assist in rebuilding trust after trauma.

Encourages integration and removes feelings of darkness.

Hand-crafted on a full moon, REPAIR essence promotes healing and release after traumatic events, including birth trauma.


Black Kangaroo Paw:

Candle of Life:

Donkey Orchid:


Reed trigger plant:

Western Australian Smoke bush:


Black Onyx:

Blood stone:

Clear quartz:



Moss Agate:

Orange Calcite:

Rose quartz: Emotional balance, self love and peace. Assists with embracing the magic of child birth and assist with mother and baby bonding. A protective gemstone throughout pregnancy and child birth.


Begin a twice a day repair journey with 7 drops under the tongue morning and evening away from food or as often as needed during times of stress.


Aqua [Grail Haven Purified Water], Organic glycerine [Natural Preservative System], Biogenic Flower Essences: Black Kangaroo paw, Candle of life, Donkey Orchid, Macrozamia, Reed trigger plant, Western Australian Smoke bush, and Hand-crafted Biogenic Gem Essences: Black onyx, Blood stone, Clear quartz, Chrysocolla, Mookite, Moss Agate, Orange Calcite and Rose quartz.



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